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Keep guests on the gaming floor by providing excellent Wi-Fi coverage and enable them to communicate with staff from anywhere. We can help you accomplish all this while still maintaining critical day-to-day network & security operations.


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Communicate with guests wherever they are using in-room & mobile devices, supported by a rock-solid wired & wireless network.


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No matter where your guests are at your amazing resort, make sure they have access to your staff & amenities while providing a solid connection for posting all of those vacation photos.

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For hospitality businesses, having capable networks with easy-to-use end-user features is important. Centralizing network resources is essential for delivering the best user experience and empowering staff. Having the right cloud setups and data location models is a key part of this type of optimization.

By leveraging the right cloud solutions to support centralized network development and agile features operating on muscular on-site wifi and offsite cloud server access, our teams make sure that the bones of the network are structured in a practical way that will drive success in security, ease of use, uptime and general “flow” of business and customer empowerment.

Having capable on-site wifi is a must for these companies. Guests want “Wi-Fi everywhere” functionality, in the lobby, in the halls, and most importantly, in the rooms, whether it’s to do business, access location and wayfinding services, or interact with others remotely.

  • Apply public, private, or hybrid cloud models as needed through secure gateways
  • Build comprehensive Wi-Fi into on-site operations
  • Arrange for agile on-demand cloud functions for network tools and resources


While many think of cybersecurity as mostly pertaining to healthcare and finance, it is crucial for the hospitality industry, too. Managers and business leaders need cybersecurity to protect sensitive data that may be in play within the network’s end-user toolset or elsewhere. Many types of liability apply to vulnerabilities and breaches.

Our cybersecurity solutions for clients in hospitalities take into account the “Wi-Fi everywhere” architecture, bringing a level of combined physical and online security to localized operations. Part of this involves protection at the perimeter, while other aspects of robust cybersecurity have to do with deep-network threat detection and mitigation tools.

  • Delivering cybersecurity that is targeted to the sensitive data sets in this sector
  • Locking down data is it passes through gateways or through front desk processing
  • Considering adequate cybersecurity for peripherals like staff management or room key software


The core of the hospitalities network is a command center that manages and carries a wide diversity of data, some related to guest finances, some for on-site user services, and some impacting public health and safety. By bringing all of these disparate aspects under one network umbrella, and providing a seamless centralization of the network itself, participants move the bar forward in outfitting a lodging or hospitalities business for the future.

Whether it’s scalability, data analytics capacity, locational services support, uptime, or traffic balancing, the network core benefits from a unified model and set of tools that will ensure buoyant operations in an emergency or threat context.

  • Cybersecurity across all network segments
  • Robust on-site Wi-Fi and offsite cloud data management


What does collaboration mean in the hospitality industry? It means that the various stakeholders, the guests, front desk personnel, housekeeping, and others who use the digital tools each day, are working together to create excellence in communications and software function that delivers results.

Part of scaling a hospitalities network system means outfitting it for the collaborations needed on any shift, on any day. The free flow of information, the elimination of silos, is more than just academic in these types of environments.

The results determine how well guests can check-in, how easy it is to change rooms or get housekeeping verifications, order room service, or do any of the offered options delivered through the location’s digital network.

  • Key support for all guest-facing functions
  • Adequate bandwidth and resources to make high volume stays flow well
  • Enhanced agility for wayfinding, locational, and concierge applications

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