INFRAM Assessment

Achieving digital transformation requires modern technology with advanced capabilities. As healthcare organizations everywhere work to enhance patient satisfaction, reduce risks and leverage data for better, more productive clinical care, INFRAM will need to be at the forefront of your strategy.



The INFRAM assessment begins with the health system taking a self-directed 160 question survey outlining current infrastructure capabilities. HIMSS Analytics then determines a score and produces a Baseline Achievement Report that measures progress against the five focus areas.

The infrastructure architecture score (0-7) provides a starting point to lay out a road map for increasing maturity and ensuring future state technical implementation.

With the score in hand, organizations can also get a Gap Assessment and then work with Integration Partners Certified Consultants to understand and outline the next steps to improve your INFRAM standing

  • Improve care delivery
  • Focused on capabilities – vendor agnostic
  • Reduce cyber & infrastructure risks
  • Industry benchmarking