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Everything we do is in service of your mission and your patients. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed to improve productivity, streamline workflows, enhance the quality of care, reach your community, and reduce costs.

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Healthcare providers have unique security and compliance requirements and determining how to best leverage the benefits of public cloud can be a challenge for any organization.

Our architects work with you to design and build secure, compliant, scalable solutions leveraging cloud-native architectures and services. We will help you create an effective cloud governance strategy, understand shared responsibility, and leverage cloud services to improve your compliance posture.

Already in the cloud? With our cloud optimization service, our architects quickly identify areas to reduce cost, identify misconfigured resources, remedy compliance shortfalls, and recommend best practices.

  • Gain flexibility & scale
  • Automate code deployments
  • Adopt cloud best practices


The IoT explosion has had a big impact on Healthcare networks, where devices need to seamlessly & securely connect to both wired & wireless networks. Attackers are exploiting vulnerabilities and going after sensitive patient data or worse, impacting how care is being delivered.

We are dedicated to meeting the varied & critical security needs of today’s healthcare organizations. Our security offerings coupled with our advanced security framework provides organizations with an automated and integrated security posture so you’ll never have to choose between performance and security. 

  • Centralized security architecture
  • Intelligent network segmentation
  • Application-level visibility


Safeguarding critical patient information and meeting regulatory compliance is essential to protect people, places, and assets from the ever-present threat of breaches. However, too many providers have found themselves locked into traditional IT architectures that are highly complex, restrict change, and limit choice.

We provide the elements for an intelligent, adaptive, and secure autonomous network that delivers the foundation needed to achieve life, patient, and mission-critical initiatives.

  • Clinical-grade architecture automation
  • Patient safety, security, and privacy
  • Clinical efficiency & staff satisfaction


Your care team’s ability to communicate with patients along their health journey is vital to the mission of supporting care plans and reducing readmissions.

By connecting people, resources, data, and solutions, we can help you optimize operations and reduce risk while increasing operational efficiency & profitability. When it comes to the digital transformation of your healthcare system, nothing is more important than a flexible communications solution.

  • HIPAA Compliant Virtual Care Solutions
  • Better patient experience
  • Automated workflows & processes


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The INFRAM assessment begins with the health system taking a self-directed 160 question survey outlining current infrastructure capabilities. HIMSS Analytics then determines a score and produces a Baseline Achievement Report that measures progress against the five focus areas.

  • Improve care delivery
  • Reduce cyber & infrastructure risks
  • Industry benchmarking

Patient Appointment Reminders

Automate appointment notifications and handle patient responses by interacting directly with your existing patient scheduling system and contact center.

  • Utilize existing scheduling system
  • Improve patient attendance
  • Cross Channel (Voice, Chat, SMS, Email)

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