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In the entertainment industry, public, private, and hybrid clouds are often applied to custom network solutions that serve administrators, sellers, and a fan base, consolidating structures and enhancing digital tools through cloud-native and cloud-delivered design.

Our teams create secure, scalable, and efficient cloud solutions with a network plan attached so that the stakeholders can benefit from an ordered, transparent infrastructure for everything that sports venue needs: e-ticketing, in-seat ordering, cybersecurity applications, and much more.

In applying our cloud optimization service and network utilities to a sports entertainment business, our architects will investigate how to build on top of existing architecture to create something that’s versatile, efficient, and able to take the entertainment business to the next level in terms of modern cloud technologies.

  • Enhance consolidated networks
  • Integrate features into dense Wi-Fi service
  • Leverage competitive cloud-native design


In serving the entertainment sector, the security tools provided must serve to securely connect wired and wireless networks and network components. There’s a key physical security aspect, as the “home base” (stadium, etc.) is being protected by a digital framework.

There’s also a social engineering component to cybersecurity, with many individuals logged on and using networks to communicate in different ways. True cybersecurity solutions have to cover the entire waterfront, combining physical and social security with strong algorithm work and technical protections deep inside of the network.

Our cybersecurity offerings for sports and entertainment contemplate the mandate of providing these businesses with automated and detailed security beyond the perimeter, for in-network protections that can predict and sense threats, decrease dwell time, and help with risk mitigation, while also preserving the performance of in-house systems.

  • Applying comprehensive cybersecurity to centralized architectures
  • Supporting applications over hi-density public Wi-Fi
  • Integrating tools with capable APIs


Sports and entertainment businesses need systems that can support excellent performance while securing data against attack. In facilitating all of the new conveniences, loyalty tools, event management systems, and other applications that work over wired and wireless networks, automated and secure platforms create the right environment for this kind of business, enabling the confidence that allows these companies and sellers to move forward.

While many businesses find themselves held back by stagnant architecture models, outdated network practices, and insufficient innovation, we help to put in place the next-generation versatile, secure, and capable network platforms that help fans, sellers, and others to make things happen.

  • Event management tools for real-time fan experience
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity for consolidated networks
  • A framework for rapid innovation


For fans, it’s all about convenience and next-level communications: our architectures enable the kinds of progressive applications that create awe-inspiring experiences on network platforms.

Simply, applying a better operational model in a sports or entertainment venue combines enhanced performance with key security benchmarks and cloud-native design. A unified communications platform makes it clear that fans have access to the best and latest new features of any connected network.

  • More support for new digital innovations
  • Better fan experiences
  • Transparent system tools and security automation

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