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In education, there’s the need to achieve around a student-centered model, connecting students and other stakeholders to systems that they can easily use, and there’s also the superior use of cloud systems in administration to drive better management outcomes.

Our teams work with schools, including K-12 learning centers and higher education venues like colleges, universities, and vocational centers, to fit cloud services into a network model that promotes both excellent cybersecurity and truly next-level performance across needed vectors and segments, from admissions, to testing and assessment, to faculty services and more. Cultivating a culture of innovation requires attention to how the cloud can deliver security, learning, and administrative applications that move the ball forward to affect change.

For clients that are already “in the cloud,” Integration Partners can identify possible efficiencies and renovations that will eliminate data silos, enhance data governance, and, as mentioned, free up operational capacity for users.

  • Apply cloud services to learning tools
  • Administrate in the cloud with confidence
  • Implement best practices for public, private, and hybrid cloud systems


Cybersecurity is profoundly important to those in education. School districts and related administrators have to contend with rules and standards for data integrity, with some responsibility for sensitive data sets. Even the videoconferencing tools and platforms used for distance learning and collaboration have to be monitored for active and emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Our cybersecurity solutions for education clients can solve the entire spectrum of security issues, identifying the data assets that must be protected, supporting a small attack surface for networks, and providing deep-dive investigations and security automation that act as capable digital sentinels for systems.

  • Delivering comprehensive cybersecurity through supported networks
  • Protecting data assets in storage and through the full life cycle
  • Providing security for auxiliary LMS and other applications


At the core of education networks lies the mandate for impactful architectures that will facilitate ease of use, security, and performance, all together in a centralized environment for students, faculty, and others.

Supporting these systems requires designing network architectures that excel in all of these areas, with the right applications and processes built in to enable the innovation that drives education in the twenty-first century.

By evaluating, enhancing, and replacing legacy tools and systems, our teams help educators to usher in the next-generation platforms that can support students, LMS systems, MOOC and broad-level course functionality, and effective administration of data systems.

  • Adequate protection for data assets
  • Real-time tools for active learning
  • Design frameworks that can support the full range of education applications


In the world of education, collaboration is essential. First and foremost, students have to be linked into rich systems that connect them to educators, instructors, evaluators, and other students for group work. Also, the parties all have to have access to the curriculum and assorted data sets that are used in student and faculty work.

Beyond that, administrators who are in charge of making things run well need network functionality that supports transparency, security, and accuracy of information. Real-time collaboration often takes place through forms of videoconferencing, which need their own support as well.

Our architects have a handle on how to achieve all of this with education clients. By centralizing the environment and bringing all relevant applications under the hood, our teams will work with legacy solutions to create a model that will scale and evolve with the school or institution, enabling change that’s necessary and beneficial to users.

  • Support for collaborative LMS
  • Real-time communications support
  • Transparent administrative resources

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