Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience (CIE) Session | Burlington, MA

Event Overview

Microsoft and Integration Partners invite you to join us for lunch and to discover Office 365 by participating in a complimentary Microsoft Cloud Immersion Experience (CIE) session.

About CIE

The CIE is an experience, which is very different from a demo, and it leads to deep conversation and helps participants envision how what they are experiencing in the session can be applied to their daily life – we call those “AHA!” moments.  Intended for IT, Operations, and line of business leaders, these sessions demonstrate the new way to work and the latest innovations in collaboration and communication. 

The CIE provides a true-to-life, hands-on environment for Business & Technology Decision Makers like you to experience working with the Microsoft business productivity platform. Each facilitator-led session is developed so that participants can explore tools, focus on relevant capabilities, and discover first-hand how they can solve their organizations biggest challenges. 

We will feature a combination of the latest equipment ranging from Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad Twist, Lenovo Touch Ultrabook, and headsets set up and configured for you to test drive with Office 365 during the session.