Avaya Oceana Event – Indianapolis, IN

Avava Oceana.  Next Gen Multi Touch Contact Center

Introducing Avaya Oceana, the first delivery of Avaya’s next generation multi-touch contact center solution that helps organizations deliver a seamless customer experience across any channel of the customer’s choosing. Oceana provides the right media at the right time, every time, applying all relevant information and context to deliver a unique, personalized and enduring experience across the customer’s entire journey. Avaya Oceana is built on Avaya Breeze™, making it easier for companies to extend and manage unified support of customer centric business and customer journeys across all relevant stakeholders across the enterprise. 

  • Improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and wallet share.

  • Create a competitive differentiated brand experience.

  • Optimize agent and resource productivity.

  • Deliver better business outcomes.

  • Optimize staff alignment to goals and improve productivity

  • Introductions & Oceana Overview
  • Multichannel capabilities
  • Avaya Desktop strategy & options

  • Oceanalytics Overview
  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Demo

  • Q/A & Wrap Up