AI-Driven WLAN Bootcamp | New York, NY

Event Overview

Traditional WLAN platforms are over fifteen years old, leveraging monolithic code bases that are expensive to scale, prone to bugs, and difficult to manage.  They are not equipped for the scale and complexity of today’s mobile users and do not provide the reliability needed for business-critical wireless operations.

This all changes with Mist.

With a modern microservices cloud architecture, Mist delivers unprecedented scale and agility and offers groundbreaking subscription services for Wi-Fi assurance, AI-driven assistance, user engagement, and asset visibility. Mist has an inline AI engine for unprecedented insight and automation. And enterprise-grade Access Points combine Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT for amazing wireless experiences in a cost-effective manner.

Boot Camp | 2-5pm
  • Intro to team

  • Mist Leadership and How we got started

  • Mist Product & Subscription Overview

  • [Use Cases] Mist WiFi services

  • [Use Cases] Mist BLE Location services

  • Why Mist and where we are a fit?

  • Customer examples

  • Mist Technical Demo

Happy Hour | 5-7pm

69 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

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We reserve the right to cancel RSVPs.