[Webinar Replay] Mist: Using AI to assist with Social Distancing

Contact Tracing Solution for the Workplace

There is an immediate requirement for many large workplaces currently operating during COVID-19 to employ contact tracing, and that need may continue in the post-COVID world too.

With Mist’s AI technology, you can provide historic location reports, up to seven days, for an individual tagged employee. However, for COVID-19, you may need fourteen days of historic location data along with the information about close proximity contacts.

That is where the power of Mist Premium Analytics comes into play. It can ingest the raw location data from Bluetooth tags, and store it for multiple weeks to generate necessary tracing reports.

Leverage modern cloud architecture for:

  • Contact tracing
  • Maximum allowed occupancy monitoring
  • Social distancing
  • Large group alerts


About our Speaker

Sunalini Sankhavaram – Director of Product Management @ Mist Systems

Sunalini has been in the networking industry for more than a decade. She has managed varied portfolios encompassing; enterprise wireless networks, network management, enterprise MDM, security & network access technologies, as well as, indoor locationing solutions & analytics platforms. Sunalini is now driving forward with AI-powered Operations.


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