[Webinar Replay] Mist: The Next Step in Wireless

Experience AI-Driven WLAN

Join us to see how Mist combines AI, machine learning, and data science with the latest cloud technologies to deliver the wireless network of the future.

We will keep the PowerPoint to a minimum and show you what’s really important – the game-changing technology. We will dive right in with a live demonstration, follow with integration information, cover the ins and outs of AI, discuss the competition, and finish with a new product overview.


Topics Covered

  • Wi-Fi Fundamentals
  • Mist Architecture
  • Organization, Site, and WLAN Creation
  • Claiming AP’s
  • Wireless Service Level Expectations
  • Marvis
  • Claiming/Adopting Switches
  • Configuring and Managing Switches
  • Mist Location Overview
  • Location Setup


About Mist

Traditional WLAN platforms are over fifteen years old, leveraging monolithic codebases that are expensive to scale, prone to bugs, and difficult to manage. They are not equipped for the scale and complexity of today’s mobile users and do not provide the reliability needed for business-critical wireless operations.

This all changes with Mist.

With a modern microservices cloud architecture, Mist delivers unprecedented scale and agility and offers groundbreaking subscription services for Wi-Fi assurance, AI-driven assistance, user engagement, and asset visibility. Mist has an inline AI engine for unprecedented insight and automation. And enterprise-grade Access Points combine Wi-Fi, BLE, and IoT for amazing wireless experiences in a cost-effective manner.


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