[Webinar Replay] Juniper Networks: Architecting Next-Gen Broadband Networks in Unprecedented Times

Rural Electric Cooperatives face two fundamental challenges that Juniper Networks continues to help solve with a proven success model.

1. Aging telecommunications networks assembled over time will not support next-generation applications that increase grid performance, lower operating costs, and increase high available connectivity to energy producers and providers.

2. The lack of high-value broadband availability within the cooperative service area continues to instigate member attrition, weakening the ecosystem of rural communities, disrupting anchor member growth, and shrinking membership.

This webinar will provide insight into a success model that addresses both of these critical challenges simultaneously and what steps Electric Cooperatives can take now to get started.



  •  Modernized Network Architectures: IT/OT/Broadband
  •  Broadband Dynamics During COVID-19: Guest Speaker from Jackson Electric Cooperative
  •  Success Criteria for Turn-Key Network Projects: Design, Staging, Implementation, and Support


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