[Webinar Replay] HIMSS: 5 Key Network Benefits of Virtualization for Business Continuity


Healthcare IT teams are scrambling to support an ever-expanding number of geographically dispersed small sites. Whether due to M&A’s, new provider partnerships, temporary emergency treatment, or just to get closer to patients, the number of smaller sites are increasing exponentially. Ensuring that each site has equal access to required network services and applications within shrinking budgets presents unique challenges.

This webinar will reveal how the virtualization of network functions provides a powerful platform to enable automation at the edge. During this information session, David Bingham will share his personal experience with manual deployment and maintenance of geographically dispersed sites, and the 5 reasons why virtualization is so critical to accelerating digital transformation while managing costs.


What You Will Learn:

  • Key trends driving the need for virtualization in healthcare
  • Hard lessons learned from manual deployments
  • Popular technologies that lend themselves to virtualization
  • Top benefits of virtualization at the edge
  • The Seven Pillars of Success in Network Function Virtualization