[Webinar] 3 Fundamental Flaws with Modern Security Programs

Webinar Overview

Organizations of all sizes are struggling with the same things: risk is accepted without counting the cost, alert overload is drowning our analysts, and the threat of zero-day attacks continues to loom over our heads.

These problems are fundamental to the methods security teams are using to protect their organizations. But, new methods are emerging that provide affordable, actionable relief to these problems.

Join CRITICALSTART’s Alex Humphrey as he discusses where these problems came from, why they aren’t being solved, and what security teams can do to finally overcome the problem.



Alex Humphrey, Senior Security Consultant, CRITICALSTART

Alex Humphrey is a passionate cybersecurity author and speaker who serves as the Senior Security Consultant at CRITICALSTART. He works with organizations globally to build security into their endpoint, server, and cloud environments. Alex holds numerous security and cloud certifications including the AWS Certified Security Specialty. He graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.


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