SolarWinds/Sunburst Risk Assessment

Recently announced vulnerabilities of certain versions of SolarWinds Orion software may increase the potential for unauthorized system access, sensitive data exfiltration, and/or other theft of intellectual capital. Given the prevalence of this potential exposure, it is vital to figure out if your organization is at risk. 

Integration Partners can help by performing a risk assessment to find potential exposure. Our team of highly-skilledtrained, and certified security resources can help you with finding potential risk areas, whether exposure has occurred, and how to mitigate future exposures by performing a risk-based analysis of your environment.  

This analysis will show potential exposure areas as well as mitigation steps needed to lower and remove your organizations risk exposure. This is part of our Vulnerability Management services which we deliver to numerous organizations to stay updated and protected from the threats posed by these types of vulnerabilities.


How Is The Service Delivered?

This service can be delivered either via our scanning/testing tools or by reviewing the output of your currently installed scanning technologies.

Our testing technology can be delivered by an appliance or virtual machine and depending on your environment, and it can be implemented very quickly.

If you currently have similar testing technology installed, we can use/review the output of those to determine potential risks to this attack.


How can I sign up for this service? 

If you are concerned that your organization may have been breached, sign up for our assessment here. We’re here to help you.