Security Bulletin: Pulse Connect Secure RCE Vulnerability (CVE-2021-22893)

What was announced?

A recently identified vulnerability that includes an authentication by-pass vulnerability that can allow an unauthenticated user to perform remote arbitrary file execution on the Pulse Connect Secure gateway. This vulnerability has a critical CVSS score and poses a significant risk to your deployment.



The solution for these vulnerabilities is to upgrade the Pulse Connect Secure server software version to the 9.1R.11.4.



CVE-2021-22893 can be mitigated by importing the Workaround-2104.xml file.


Workaround Impact: XML File disables the following features under PCS appliance.

  • – Windows File Share Browser
  • – Pulse Secure Collaboration

We are using the blacklisting feature to disable the URL-Based Attack.



Additional details are available in Pulse Secure’s Knowledge Base.

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