Scheduled Change to DNS

Integration Partners wants to update everyone on a scheduled change to DNS.  

On or around Feb 1st, 2019, major open source resolver vendors will release updates that will stop accommodating non-standard responses. This change will affect authoritative servers which do not comply either with the original DNS standard from 1987 (RFC1035) or the newer EDNS standards from 1999 (RFC2671 and RFC6891). Major public DNS resolver operators are also removing accommodations so this change will also impact Internet users and providers who use these public DNS services. Sites hosted on incompatible authoritative servers may become unreachable through updated resolvers. 

The following versions of DNS resolvers will not accommodate EDNS non-compliant responses: 

  • BIND 9.13.3 (development) and 9.14.0 (production) 
  • Knot Resolver has already implemented stricter EDNS handling in all current versions 
  • PowerDNS Recursor 4.2.0 
  • Unbound 1.9.0 

Additional details are available by visiting This site also includes a way to determine if your domain is impacted by these changes.  

You can contact our Network Operations Center if you have any questions by calling 781-357-8599 or by visiting our customer portal at