How to Fast Track your Microsoft Email Migration

Integration Partners can help FastTrack customers looking to perform Microsoft Email Migrations.  We have services and project managers along with resources, tools, and experts to migrate your Exchange to Exchange online.   A successful rollout focuses on driving adoption and helping everyone understand the benefits of working in a new way.  Below is a quick overview of how to prepare for such a project.   We invite you to fill out the form below to get the conversation started.

1. Envision

Define your vision, identify and prioritize business scenarios, and collaborate with key stakeholders to plan for successful rollouts at your own pace.  The first rule of a successful adoption is to create a dynamic team comprised of key stakeholders and the right people that can drive and effect change in others. A successful adoption strategy starts with a team of committed individuals representing a cross-section of your organization. Key stakeholder roles include an Executive Sponsor, Success Owners, and Champions.

Executive Sponsors are key leaders within the organization and their participation is essential in driving employee adoption. They have the greatest influence on company culture and can actively communicate the value and benefits of a new technology and way of working throughout the organization.

Success Owners are responsible for ensuring people use the service and get value from it. Setting Success Owners within your organization is important to ensure the business goals set for Office 365 are realized.

Gaining buy-in from every user across an organization is a challenge. Champions can help alleviate this challenge and play an important role in the adoption of Office 365. They are knowledgeable, committed to furthering their expertise and are willing to provide peer coaching and assistance. They help translate Office 365 into the reality of their department or team


2. Onboard

Confidently onboard new users and capabilities with remote assistance from our experts committed to guide your IT team.


3. Drive value



Make sure everyone gets the most out of your investment in Office 365. Our FastTrack resources can help you increase adoption by raising awareness about the value of Office 365 within people’s day-to-day activities.  Generate more value with our resources available to help your teams and partner drive user adoption across your organization; prepare for and manage change.  We ensure everyone gets the most out of your investment in Office 365.


As you move through your adoption journey, it’s important to continuously consolidate feedback and assess levels of success. After your launch, measure and share how well Office 365 has been received and how usage relates to the success criteria you established early on. Driving adoption is a continuous cycle that doesn’t end after launch or measuring impact. Always be looking for new ways for Office 365 to add business value as the needs of your organization.


Discover new ways to improve business processes and empower people by staying ahead of new services and features.

  • Monitor communications from Microsoft to learn about upcoming changes, identify the potential impact to your business, and prepare to train users
  • Enable users to take advantage of new productivity enhancements as soon as they become available
  • Office 365 Roadmap.  Learn about updates that are currently planned for applicable subscribers. Stages for updates run from development to rollout to customers to general availability for applicable customers worldwide. Use the roadmap to prioritize the solutions and scenarios to rollout to your organization.