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Experience X-ray vision with Mist Wired Assurance

See firsthand how Mist Wired Assurance works with EX Switches to go beyond telemetry, giving your users the best experience while simplifying operations for your team. Wired assurance helps deliver an AI-Driven Enterprise with reliable experiences for connected devices.

Mist Wired Assurance is a cloud service blazing a new standard from network management to AI-driven operations, by delivering better experiences for connected devices through AI-powered automation and service levels with Juniper EX Series Switches. It encompasses simplicity every step of the way—starting with seamless onboarding and auto-provisioning, to streamlined management and troubleshooting. Wired Assurance leverages rich Junos telemetry to enable simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair, and improved visibility into end-user experiences for wired devices.



  • – Operational Simplicity
  • – Rapid Response & Remediation
  • – Network Visibility

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