Enabling the AI-Driven Enterprise

Mist built the first AI-driven wired and wireless platform, designed specifically for the Smart Device Era. With the Mist AI Platform, you can think centrally and act locally through a combination of cloud-based intelligence and enterprise-grade Access Points.

Revolutionary machine learning technology simplifies Wi-Fi operations and delivers personalized indoor location services.


  • – Built on modern cloud elements
  • – SaaS agility for upgrades and patches
  • – Optimized user experience with AI
  • – Proactive AI-driven IT operations



Mist has brought true innovation to the networking space with the world’s first AI-driven wired and wireless network.

The Mist AI Platform makes networking predictable, reliable and measurable with unprecedented visibility into the user experience. Time-consuming manual IT tasks are replaced with AI-driven proactive automation and self-healing, lowering networking operational costs and saving substantial time and money.

Mist also brings enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®️ LE, and IoT together so businesses can increase the value of their wireless networks through personalized location services, such as wayfinding, proximity notifications, and asset location. With Mist’s patented virtual BLE (vBLE) technology, no battery beacons or manual calibration are required. Mist also extends our AI operational efficiency and insights to the wired side of the business.

All operations are managed via Mist’s open and programmable microservices cloud architecture. This delivers maximum scalability and performance while also bringing DevOps agility across the wired and wireless networking to wireless location services.

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