Digital Healthcare Innovations Require Agility and Scalability: Is Your IT Infrastructure Ready?


Healthcare work models are shifting to improve patient outcomes, driving healthcare systems to accelerate digital transformation in key areas, including the digital front door, collaboration, automation and cloud evolution.

The healthcare industry has also had to prioritize investments in security, edge compute and new connectivity programs ensure the long-term resilience and success of the organization. To survive and thrive in this new environment, healthcare systems need to evolve their digital infrastructure ecosystems for agility and scale, including adopting software-defined networking, virtualization and hybrid/multi-cloud approach.  But the evolution to a more agile and scalable IT infrastructure is often not a simple task for most healthcare organizations. Creating a pathway for IT infrastructure evolution tied to business and clinical outcomes can overwhelm busy IT staff.

An experienced, knowledgeable HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) certified partner can help healthcare providers efficiently and effectively evolve their infrastructure and derive the optimal benefits from their IT infrastructure investments.


Watch this webinar to learn:

    • Key findings from IDC Healthcare Insights, including recommendations for a new approach to digital transformation for healthcare’s “next normal”
    • The key ingredients to facilitate the shift to a multi-service cloud virtualization and edge compute infrastructure.
    • How to reduce risk and complexity in migrating from a rigid hardware-centric environment to an agile, software-based, disaggregated environment through the INFRAM maturity model
    • You’ll learn how the INFRAM model and the right partner can help develop a detailed, strategic technology plan defines the current technology state, desired future state and the IT infrastructure roadmap to achieve clinical and operational objectives.


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