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Randy Bohrer
Senior Security Architect

This past July, I joined thousands of my fellow security resources for six days in Las Vegas. The goal was to learn about new security technologies and cyber attacker techniques.

While in Vegas, I also attended Def Con, or what is called “Hacker Summer Camp”. Def Con provides insights into the techniques and types of successful attacks perpetrated by hackers.

I found this year’s Black Hat, and subsequent Def Con, to both be great events. I learned about a number of very interesting tips, tricks and techniques often used by hackers. I attended several sessions, and met with numerous vendors and individuals to gain additional insights into how to detect, defend and recover from cyber-attacks.

Of all the sessions I attended, there were eight that really piqued my interest.
  1. Phishing as a Science
  2. Active Directory Botnets
  3. Behavior Theory
  4. University Security Curriculum compared with Industry Needs
  5. Skype & Type (acoustic eavesdropping)
  6. Pre-Breach Planning (Purple Team)
  7. Why Most Security Awareness Training Fails and What We Can Do About It
  8. The Script Kiddie Said Let There Be No Light: Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid
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These sessions were very insightful and offered numerous examples that I felt were very informative and can be used by organizations right away to improve their security posture.

Black Hat always seems to bring together a talented group of professionals. I was happy to have met and spent time with these folks. It will be interesting to see what updates are to come next year.