2 Reasons why we like the Juniper Networks Cyphort Acquisition

Announced late yesterday, Juniper Networks has agreed to acquire Cyphort.

This acquisition has the makings of a positive move in Juniper’s security solution and here’s why:

  • Enhances SkyATP:  I think this was the main driver for this acquisition since SkyATP does provide malware detection & analysis, its adoption has not met industry expectations. The combination of Cyphort & SkyATP will put Juniper on par with its competitors. This also enhances Juniper’s cloud security solution as well since they will now have the ability to detect threats in on-prem, cloud and hybrid environment.
  • Juniper’s  Security Analytics (JSA) Enhancement: I expect that this acquisition will also enhance Juniper’s JSA offering by integrating it into their Security Director application giving operators more information in one UI.

In summary, I expect this acquisition will successfully advance Juniper’s security story (provided Cyphort is properly and correctly merged in with SkyATP & JSA) and I expect that they will seek to acquire other similarly beneficial technologies.