Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Integration Partners is an award-winning, nationwide IT services engineering firm specializing in solutions that are open, scalable and drive to greater productivity and competitiveness for our clients. In order to maintain a high level of availability, Integration Partners has established appropriate measures to safeguard our employees, property, infrastructure, critical assets, and resources to minimize the effects of service disruptions, restore services in a timely manner and continue normal business operations given the scope and severity of a significant business disruption.



Integration Partners has developed business continuity and disaster recovery plans detailing the appropriate procedures for responding to business disruption events and ensuring it is able to continue delivering its services to its clients.

Integration Partner’s Business Continuity Plan addresses data backup and recovery; all mission-critical systems; financial and operational assessments; alternative communications with customers, employees, vendors, and business partners; and alternate physical locations of employees.

On an annual occurrence, Integration Partner teams review and test these plans to ensure their effectiveness and revise as necessary; or in the event, there are significant changes to products or services, legal or regulatory requirements, or the organization.



Integration Partner maintains a disaster recovery plan that is reviewed and tested annually. At a high-level, the plan consists of the coordination of key personnel, restoring critical infrastructure systems, data, application functions, and post-failover validation.



Integration Partners has designed and built its network and system infrastructure in a highly redundant configuration. Its datacenters are connected to multiple independent Internet service providers. Redundant hardware is in place throughout the network infrastructure to ensure network traffic delivery. The environment is protected from hardware failure by utilizing load balancing and clustering technologies.



Integration Partners utilizes advanced monitoring technologies on all levels of our applications and infrastructure. This includes integrated 24/7 real-time alerting and response to any issues.



Integration Partners uses a multi-tiered approach to backup critical data and systems. It employs multiple data protection strategies including real-time data replication to ensure high availability. Backups on some systems are stored on multiple media storage systems with data integrity testing and validation. All other third-party hosted platforms adhere to our vendor plans.



Telephone calls to and from Integration Partners are distributed through various call centers in different U.S. geographic regions. Each site can utilize multiple technologies and can operate independently in the event of a disruption.



Under normal circumstances, you may contact our Network Operation Center (781-357-8599), available 24/7.