MANAGED Services


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Integration Partners’ CERTAINTY portfolio of Managed Services addresses all of your unified communications and networking challenges while including a progression to cloud hosting. CERTAINTY gives you control of network quality and desired outcomes as well as choice. CERTAINTY is founded upon collaboration: we are an extension of your existing team and your technology needs are met as they evolve. Paths to proactive monitoring, management, and ultimately to strategic hosted / cloud solutions are clear. Lastly, a flexible program allows you to move costs from CAPEX to OPEX or as desired.

Why Integration Partners CERTAINTY?
  • People: When you partner with us, you’re working with experts – certified, experienced, and knowledgeable.
  • Process: From initial engagement, we have optimized our industry best process to ensure success and speed in resolution. We engage together but Integration Partners will own the challenge and deliver the solution.
  • Flexibility: Our tools and programs are flexible and allow for customization based on your needs.

The idea behind our managed services is actually pretty simple: You know what’s best for you. Our CERTAINTY portfolio allows you to choose the level of support you need, and control the quality and outcomes you need. We provide the solutions that you need for intelligent, flexible support, we solve your business challenges, and we put you on the path to cloud services.


Monitoring: CERTAINTY Listen

Co-Management: CERTAINTY Amplify

CERTAINTY eliminates capital costs and boosts efficiency, keeping you competitive for years to come. As your technology needs evolve, CERTAINTY adapts with you via a progression-to-proactive monitoring and management through strategic decisions of hosted and cloud solutions. CERTAINTY is delivered with collaboration in mind, as an extension of your team. Invested in your business values with enhanced operations and reduced downtime—ultimately, the best return on your technology investment.

  • Business Services: Designed to give customers a complement of program features, CERTAINTY directly markets to your business constituents the value of information technology services through business service levels and reporting.
  • Improved Productivity: We focus on how your technology performs while reducing business interruptions, giving you time to concentrate on the issues that are critical to your business.
  • Intelligent, Flexible Service: An innovative service model leveraging intelligent analytics and next-generation automation delivers significant advantages to your operations.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): With no capital investment and the expertise inherent in CERTAINTY, you’ll experience a service designed around your strategy and pace without costly maintenance and development.


Download Service Description PDF

“LISTEN” is our offering centered on essential monitoring and support services: 24/7, proactive solutions, employing the NOC toolset. 

Round the Clock local monitoring
  • Of your unified communications infrastructure performance means that all events above a given threshold appear on the NOC engineer console, get logged and receive fast diagnoses. No initiation by you is necessary.
  • You’re notified of resolution status via popup in real time. With critical voice patches, we notify you, and then make it happen.
network operations center (NOC)
  • You get our promptest response to problems involving any degree of urgency.
  • Guaranteed notification times for notifications. From scope to flexibility.
Options (Customizable)
  • Service Delivery Manager
  • Manufacturer Support Contracts



Download Service Description PDF

“AMPLIFY” is our offering centered on essential monitoring and support services:  24/7 proactive solutions, employing the NOC toolset.  AMPLIFY includes all of our LISTEN services (e.g., 24×7 monitoring and SLAs plus:

NOC-initiated workflow:

  • You’re notified of incident status via popup in real time through our web support portal.
  • Our NOC will work directly to resolve incidents as they are reported and will also work with you as necessary to resolve problems.
incident escalation management
  • You get our promptest response to problems involving any degree of urgency.
service delivery manager
  • Is the single point of contact for problems communication. The SDM provides quarterly business reviews (QBRs) and analytics based on data from toolsets
OPTIONS (Customizable)
  • Manufacturer Support Contracts are available to provide replacement parts as necessary.